What is Herbal Medicine?

The use of plants to cure humans is as old as the human race itself. The earliest written records of medicinal plant usage were written by the Assyro-Babylonians and the Egyptians c.1550 BC. Later Aristotle and Hippocrates developed a system of medicine which determined the use of herbs for the next 1500 years. Across the world many systems of reading and treating the body with herbs have been developed over thousands of years and are still used safely and successfully today by 80% of the world's population.

The value of botanical medicines depends on several factors including purity, potency and correct dosage. Compared with the dangerous side-effects of pharmaceutical products the risks of herbal medicines are extremely low. In the EU all herbal medicines used must have a proven track record of safety.

What is Iridology?

Iridology is both an art and a science, first described in ancient Egypt and currently used by both the traditional and conventional medical communities. It is based on the principal that markings in the iris provide information about our inherited constitution and overall disposition. By using iridology, a practitioner can gain a window into the health state of a patient. This enables them to point out key areas of the physical and emotional health that may need attention and treatment.

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